Computer Hardware:
     • Tools, Static & Cleaning
     • Form Factor
     • PC Case & Fans
     • Motherboard
     • Processor (CPU)
     • Power Supply Unit
     • RAM
     • Hard Drive
     • Solid State Drive
     • Optical Drive
     • Floppy Disk Drive
     • Graphics Card
     • Sound Card
     • Network Card
     • Computer Monitor
     • Keyboard & Mouse
     • Laptop / Netbook
     • Building a Computer
     • Overclocking

Operating System & Backup:
     • Operating System
     • Drivers
     • Windows Tools
     • User Accounts
     • Backup
     • Windows 10

Internet & Network:
     • Internet
     • Wi-fi or Cable
     • Improve Broadband Speed
     • Network Computers

Computer Peripherals:
     • Printer
     • Scanner
     • External Hard Drive
     • USB Flash Drive

Computer Security:
     • Anti-virus
     • Anti-Spyware
     • Phishing
     • Firewall

Common PC Problems:
     • Slow Computer
     • Hardware Failure
     • Software Failure
     • Printing Problems

     • Windows Shortcuts
     • Glossary of Terms
     • HTML Colour Picker
     • Number Base Converter

Computer components - Motherboards, RAM, CPU, Network Card, and Sound Card.
Computer Upgrades and Repairs:

The purpose of this website is to explain all the components that go into creating a Personal Computer and to show you how to perform basic upgrades, and repairs.

The website covers all the older computer hardware as well as the latest hardware and technologies used today.

It will guide you through such tasks as replacing or upgrading a Graphics Card or adding extra RAM, or maybe you want to install a fast Solid State Drive (SSD) to improve your computer's performance. There is also a guide for building your own computer from scratch.

There is information about the Windows operating system including installing Windows 7 and details about various Windows tools.

PC repairs can be very expensive so it pays to acquire some knowledge about your computer so that you can perform simple upgrades and repairs. It is also important to have regular backups of all your irreplaceable files such as photographs, videos, music, spreadsheets etc.

This website will also help with information about accessing the internet or creating your own network for sharing files or playing games. There are also details about making your own network cables and testing them. It also helps to explain wireless technologies and encryption.


Computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, external hard drives, and USB flash drives are also covered.

Many people will find that their computer will slow down over time or develop a software problem due to malware, viruses, or an important operating system file is corrupted. These issues are discussed and various tools are shown to help fix these problems.

You will find details about Anti-virus, and Anti-spyware software that should be used to keep your computer secure. Firewalls are also covered with details on how they work and why you should use them. There is also information about phishing and how to avoid these scams.

Common PC problems include details on how to fix a computer that has slowed down over time as well as hardware, and software problems.