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Building a Desktop Computer part 1

Building your own Desktop Computer is a good alternative to buying from a store. It may not always be cheaper to build your own but at least you can get the exact specification you want and can build it with quality components.

A good start would be to get a computer case and a decent quality Power Supply Unit (PSU). The case that you get will depend on the motherboard form factor (size), but in this article i will select a mid tower case which will be able to house a standard ATX motherboard. The computer case will also need room to add all your drives, expansion ports, have adequate fans for cooling, and look pleasing to your eye.

Zalman Z9 Plus Computer case
Zalman Z9 Computer case. The Zalman Z9 Plus is a mid tower case which will house a standard ATX or a microATX motherboard.
The specifications include:

Dimensions 207(W) x 464(H) x 504(D)mm
Weight 7.2kg
3 x 5.25" drive bays (Optical Drives)
5 x 3.5" drive bays (Hard Drives)
Tool Free HDD Installation
1 x 2.5" drive bay (Floppy Drive)
Mounting plate for Solid State Drive (SSD)
Room for 290mm long graphics card
7 x Expansion Slots
Supports up to 7 System Fans
Includes 4 x 120mm System Fans (2 x blue LED)
Front I/O ports: 4 x USB 2.0, Mic, and Headphones
2-Channel Fan Controller and Temperature Display

More information on Computer cases.

Power Supply Unit
Selecting a good quality Power Supply Unit is important and it will need a sufficient wattage to power all your existing and future components. It does of course depend on how powerful your new computer is going to be and if you are going to use a powerful graphics card or are using the built in graphics capability of your Motherboard. In this article we will be building a reasonably capable computer and so will go with a Corsair 750 watt power supply unit which is a good make and has more than enough wattage for any future upgrades.

Corsair CX750M Modular Power Supply Unit
Corsair CX750M Modular Power Supply Unit.

80 Plus Bronze Efficiency.
Modular design.
Quiet fan.
+12 Volt rail is 62 Amps = 744 Watts.
The Corsair CX750M provides plenty of power for future upgrades and is modular which means you only need to connect as many power cables as required.

Power Connectors include:

x1 ATX 24-pin (Main Motherboard power connector).
x1 EPS/ATX12V 8-pin (4-pin or 8-pin Motherboard power connector).
x4 PCIe 6-pin & 8-pin (graphics card).
x8 SATA (SATA Drives).
x6 Peripheral 4-pin (Molex - IDE Drives etc).
x2 Floppy 4-pin (Floppy Drives).

More information on Power Supply Units (PSU).

Motherboard, CPU & RAM
The main components of your new computer are the Motherboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), and RAM (System Memory). The CPU that you choose will obviously need to be supported by the Motherboard that you buy. For this article i will choose the Intel i7 4770K CPU with an ASUS Z-87K Motherboard, and 8GB of RAM (1600MHz DDR3).

You can either buy these components separately or purchase a Motherboard Bundle which includes the Motherboard, CPU, and RAM already installed.

Z-87K Motherboard, i7 4770K CPU, and 8GB DDR3 RAM.

CPU - Intel i7 4770K Haswell (4th Generation, Quad Core, Socket 1150, 3.50GHz, improved overclocking support).

RAM - 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory module.

Motherboard - ASUS Z-87K (ATX, Socket 1150, Chipset Intel Z87):

ATX Form Factor - 12 inch x 8.2 inch (30.5cm x 20.8cm)
Expansion Ports - PCIe 3.0 x16 (mode x16), PCI 2.0 x16 (mode x4), 2x PCIe x1, 3x PCI.
SATA Ports - 6x SATA 6Gb/s.
USB Ports - 4x USB 3.0 (2x back panel, 2x mid-board), 10x USB 2.0 (4x back panel, 6x mid-board).
Rear I/O Ports - 2x PS/2, 1x DVI, 1x D-sub, 1x HDMI, 1x LAN RJ45, 3x Audio & 6x USB Ports.
Memory - 4x DIMM, DDR3, 32GB maximum, Dual Channel.
Integrated Graphics, Audio, and Gigabit LAN Controller.

More information about the Motherboard, CPU, and RAM.

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